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ABB Servo Motor Repair - ABB Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your ABB Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your ABB servo motor.
  • Before releasing the ABB motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your ABB Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported ABB Servo Motor Manufacturers

  8C1.1.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB   8C1.1.30.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB
  8C1.1.60.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB   8C1.1.60.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB
  8C1.2.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB   8C1.2.30.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB
  8C1.2.60.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB   8C1.2.60.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB
  8C1.3.30.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB   8C1.3.60.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB
  8C1.3.60.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB   8C1.4.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB
  8C1.4.30.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB   8C1.4.60.1.xxxxxx.G.xxB
  8C1.4.60.2.xxxxxx.C.xxB   8C4.0.15.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.0.15.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.0.15.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C4.0.30.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.0.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.0.30.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C4.1.15.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.1.15.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.1.15.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C4.1.30.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.1.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.1.30.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C4.2.15.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.2.15.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.2.15.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C4.2.30.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.2.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.2.30.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C4.3.15.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.3.15.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.3.15.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C4.3.30.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.3.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.3.30.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C4.4.15.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.4.15.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.4.15.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C4.4.30.0.xxxxxx.G.xxC   8C4.4.30.1.xxxxxx.G.xxC
  8C4.4.30.9.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.0.15.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.0.15.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.0.30.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.0.30.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.1.15.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.1.15.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.1.30.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.1.30.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.2.15.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.2.15.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.2.30.0.xxxxxx.L.xxC
  8C5.2.30.4.xxxxxx.L.xxC   8C5.3.15.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.3.15.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.3.30.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.3.30.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.4.15.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.4.15.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.4.30.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.4.30.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.5.15.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.5.15.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.5.30.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.5.30.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.6.15.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.6.15.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C5.6.30.0.xxxxxx.N.xxC
  8C5.6.30.4.xxxxxx.N.xxC   8C6.
  8C6.   8C6.
  8N0.1.40.0.x0A02x.9.xEC   8N0.1.40.0.xYA02x.9.xEC
  8N0.2.40.0.x0A02x.9.xEC   8N0.2.40.0.xYA02x.9.xEC
  9C1.1.30....M   9C1.1.60....M
  9C1.2.30....M   9C1.2.60....M
  9C1.3.30....M   9C1.3.60....M
  9C1.4.30....M   9C1.4.60....M
  9C4.1.30....M   9C4.1.40....M
  9C4.2.30....M   9C4.2.40....M
  9C4.3.30....M   9C4.3.40....M
  9C4.4.30....M   9C4.4.40....M
  9C5.2.20....M   9C5.2.30....M
  9C5.3.20....M   9C5.3.30....M
  9C5.4.20....M   9C5.4.30....M
  9C5.6.20....M   9C5.6.30....M
  CH1.1   CH1.2
  CH1.3   CH1.5
  CH1.7   CH2.1
  CH2.2   CH2.3
  CH2.5   CH2.7
  CH3.1   CH3.2
  CH3.3   CH3.5
  CH3.7   CH4.1
  CH4.2   CH4.3
  CH4.5   CH4.7
  CH5.1   CH5.2
  CH5.3   CH5.5
  CH5.7   CH6.1
  CH6.2   CH6.3
  CH6.5   CH6.7
  CM1.1   CM1.2
  CM1.3   CM1.5
  CM1.7   CM2.1
  CM2.2   CM2.3
  CM2.5   CM2.7
  CM3.1   CM3.2
  CM3.3   CM3.5
  CM3.7   CM4.1

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