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SEIDEL Servo Motor Repair - SEIDEL Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your SEIDEL Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your SEIDEL servo motor.
  • Before releasing the SEIDEL motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your SEIDEL Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported SEIDEL Servo Motor Manufacturers

  135A095   65M71-M3000-426
  6SM100K-3000   6SM100K-3000-BV
  6SM100L-3000   6SM100L-3000-BV
  6SM100M-3000   6SM100M-3000-BV
  6SM100S-3000   6SM100S-3000-BV
  6SM107K-3000-S3   6SM107S-3000-S3
  6SM37L-4000-S3   6SM37M-6000-S3
  6SM37S-6000-S3   6SM37VL-6000-S3
  6SM45L-3000   6SM45M-3000
  6SM45S-3000   6SM47L-3000-S3
  6SM56L-3000   6SM56L-3000-BV
  6SM56M-3000   6SM56M-3000-BV
  6SM56M300J   6SM56S-3000
  6SM56S3000-09J   6SM56S-3000-BV
  6SM56S3000J   6SM57M-3000-S3
  6SM57S-3000-S3   6SM71K-3000
  6SM71K-3000-BV   6SM71K3000J
  6SM71M-3000   6SM71M-3000-BV
  6SM71S-3000   6SM71S-3000-BV
  6SM77K-3000-S3   6SM77S-3000-S3
  BH-122-A   BH-124-B
  BH-126-B   BH-222-B
  BH-224-B   BH-226-C
  BH-226-E   BH-422-D
  BH-424-B   BH-424-D
  BH-426-B   BH-426-D
  BH-622-B   BH-624-C
  BH-624-D   BH-626-E
  BH-822-D   BH-824-A
  BH-824-D   BH-826-C
  BH-826-D   BH-828-B
  SM100K-1200   SM100K-1200-BV
  SM100K-2000   SM100K-2000-BV
  SM100K-3000   SM100K-3000-BV
  SM100K-4000   SM100K-4000-BV
  SM100K-6000   SM100K-6000-BV
  SM100L-1200   SM100L-1200-BV
  SM100L-2000   SM100L-2000-BV
  SM100L-3000   SM100L-3000-BV
  SM100LB-1200   SM100LB-1200-BV
  SM100LB-2000   SM100LB-2000-BV
  SM100M-1200   SM100M-1200-BV
  SM100M-2000   SM100M-2000-BV
  SM100M-3000   SM100M-3000-BV
  SM100M-4000   SM100M-4000-BV
  SM100S-1200   SM100S-1200-BV
  SM100S-2000   SM100S-2000-BV
  SM100S-3000   SM100S-3000-BV
  SM100S-4000   SM100S-4000-BV
  SM35M6000   SM45L-3000
  SM45L-4000   SM45L-6000
  SM45M-3000   SM45M-4000
  SM45M-6000   SM45S-3000
  SM45S-4000   SM45S-6000
  SM56L-2000   SM56L-2000-BV
  SM56L-3000   SM56L-3000-BV
  SM56L-4000   SM56L-4000-BV
  SM56L-6000   SM56L-6000-BV
  SM56M-2000   SM56M-2000-BV
  SM56M-3000   SM56M-3000-BV
  SM56M-4000   SM56M-4000-BV
  SM56M-6000   SM56M-6000-BV
  SM56S-2000   SM56S-2000-BV
  SM56S-3000   SM56S-3000-BV
  SM56S-4000   SM56S-4000-BV
  SM56S-6000   SM56S-6000-BV
  SM71K-2000   SM71K-2000-BV
  SM71K-3000   SM71K-3000-BV
  SM71K-4000   SM71K-4000-BV
  SM71K-6000   SM71K-6000-BV
  SM71M-2000   SM71M-2000-BV
  SM71M-3000   SM71M-3000-BV
  SM71M-4000   SM71M-4000-BV
  SM71M-6000   SM71M-6000-BV
  SM71S-2000   SM71S-2000-BV

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