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BAUMULLER Servo Motor Repair - BAUMULLER Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your BAUMULLER Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your BAUMULLER servo motor.
  • Before releasing the BAUMULLER motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your BAUMULLER Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported BAUMULLER Servo Motor Manufacturers

  DS 100B15   DS 100B23R10
  DS 100B23R15   DS 100B23R20
  DS 100B23R25   DS 100B23R30
  DS 100B25   DS 100B35
  DS 100B45   DS 100B54R11
  DS 100B54R16   DS 100B54R20
  DS 100B54R25   DS 100B54R30
  DS 100B54U12   DS 100B54U17
  DS 100B54U21   DS 100B54U26
  DS 100B65   DS 100C15
  DS 100C25   DS 100C35
  DS 100C45   DS 100C65
  DS 100D15   DS 100D25
  DS 100D35   DS 100D45
  DS 100D65   DS 100K15
  DS 100K23R10   DS 100K23R15
  DS 100K23R20   DS 100K23R25
  DS 100K23R30   DS 100K25
  DS 100K35   DS 100K45
  DS 100K54R11   DS 100K54R16
  DS 100K54R20   DS 100K54R25
  DS 100K54R30   DS 100K54U12
  DS 100K54U17   DS 100K54U21
  DS 100K54U26   DS 100K54U30
  DS 100K65   DS 100L15
  DS 100L23R10   DS 100L23R15
  DS 100L23R20   DS 100L23R25
  DS 100L23R30   DS 100L25
  DS 100L35   DS 100L54R11
  DS 100L54R16   DS 100L54R20
  DS 100L54R25   DS 100L54R30
  DS 100L54U12   DS 100L54U17
  DS 100L54U21   DS 100L54U26
  DS 100L54U30   DS 100M15
  DS 100M23R10   DS 100M23R15
  DS 100M23R20   DS 100M23R25
  DS 100M23R30   DS 100M25
  DS 100M35   DS 100M54R11
  DS 100M54R16   DS 100M54R20
  DS 100M54R25   DS 100M54R30
  DS 100M54U12   DS 100M54U17
  DS 100M54U21   DS 100M54U26
  DS 100M54U30   DS 100S15
  DS 100S25   DS 100S35
  DS 100S45   DS 132B23R10
  DS 132B23R15   DS 132B23R20
  DS 132B23R25   DS 132B23R30
  DS 132B54R11   DS 132B54R16
  DS 132B54R20   DS 132B54R25
  DS 132B54R30   DS 132B54U12
  DS 132B54U17   DS 132K23R10
  DS 132K23R15   DS 132K23R20
  DS 132K23R25   DS 132K23R30
  DS 132K54R11   DS 132K54R16
  DS 132K54R20   DS 132K54R25
  DS 132K54R30   DS 132K54U12
  DS 132K54U17   DS 132K54U21
  DS 132K54U26   DS 132K54U30
  DS 132L23R10   DS 132L23R15
  DS 132L23R20   DS 132L23R25
  DS 132L23R30   DS 132L54R11
  DS 132L54R16   DS 132L54R20
  DS 132L54R25   DS 132L54R30
  DS 132L54U12   DS 132L54U17
  DS 132L54U21   DS 132L54U26
  DS 132M23R10   DS 132M23R15
  DS 132M23R20   DS 132M23R25
  DS 132M23R30   DS 132M54R11
  DS 132M54R16   DS 132M54R20
  DS 132M54R25   DS 132M54R30
  DS 132M54U12   DS 132M54U17
  DS 132M54U21   DS 132M54U26
  DS 132M54U30   DS 45L35
  DS 45L45   DS 45L65
  DS 45M35   DS 45M45

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