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Yaskawa Servo Motors

The IAR servo motor repair department covers the repair of AC and DC brush-less, digital and other types of servo motors in addition to the older pancake disc style motors and stepper units together with the wide variety of feedback devices currently on offer today Located within our electronics department, servo motor repairs are carried out in a dedicated, clean environment and are fully supported by our electronics repair engineers providing test and repair assistance on encoders, resolvers, hall effect and other feedback devices in addition to servo drives themselves. Every Yaskawa servo motor that comes to our facility goes through an extensive evaluation to find the problem with your servo motor and also to make sure we will be able to bring your old, broken down Yaskawa servo motor back to life as if the factory just sold you a new one. Our goal is to give you a Yaskawa servo motor that is not only repaired but has been refurbished back to like new condition. Our repair procedure follows these steps:

  1. Evaluation of Your Yaskawa Servo Motor
  2. Yaskawa Motor Repair
  3. Yaskawa Servo Motor Preliminary Testing
  4. Yaskawa motors assembly
  5. Final testing on Yaskawa Servo factory drives. Customer satisfaction is the principle consideration in everything that we do. If you require further service or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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